Thursday, 24 May 2012

Black Light

A little something before I collapse into bed...


Her hands were wrapped around the cold steel railing, gripping tight with necrotic tissues pulled taught. Usually peering down upon the customers would bring her some measure of sensation, a vicarious... not pleasure, so much as anticipation of release, but tonight nothing filled the space were her soul remained but a drone. She never could describe it, even to herself, and kindred always knew themselves. It was as if she were deafened by a roaring wind or vast hive or hornets, she thought, only the buzzing was in her nerves. Like static.

Perhaps tonight she would taste the fruit, she thought. However her store was running low and the strange little man had not hinted at when he might return. She half-hoped he knew when she needed him and come this night or the next but nothing so serendipitous could mean good fortune.

Below, the club pumped with deep throbbing beats, the mass of flesh running with sweat and spilled cocktails and lager jumping, grinding to the rhythm. It was all so boring to one cut off from it all. She would never be one with the crowd again. She had her wealth, her club, her pale youthful looks, her raven hair, her dark power, but she would never have that again. Sometimes she wondered if missed that existence and all that came with it, or if it was simple a case of desiring what was not hers.

She realised she was clenching her teeth and surprised a snarl as the herd moved, forming a bow wave around a new arrival through the doors. They moved like sheep giving a wild ram space - unafraid, but unsure the danger it posed. For his part, this wolf in sheep's clothing, he soaked it in. He basked in their reaction and strode through the breaking crowd as if picking a target to descend upon. Mostly likely that wasn't far from the truth.

But she would not allow that! Not in her club, not so blatantly and certainly not without asking nicely first.

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